Luxury Wedding Ceremony in Italy

Hi, my name is Claudia Carbonara and I am a professional writer and officiant for luxury wedding ceremonies in Italy. I created “Cerimonia VIP” in 2009 in order to offer couples a premier, unique experience in creating their laic wedding ceremony.

I write each ceremony from scratch. I will create your exclusive ceremony text with you during special prenuptial counseling classes. I will also give you my help for the readings, the vows, the selection of music and all the details.

I and my team will care for you and your guests every step of the way. Your civil or symbolic ceremony will be performed by one of our Certified Wedding Officiants, cultured in their knowledge of Cerimonia VIP method.

I’m fond of weddings and I’m happy when my work exceeds my client expectations. So these are are my promises for you:

  • your flawless ceremony will be handled with a particular attention to details, setting your celebration apart like no other.
  • you will live together an unforgettable and deep experience during the preparations.
  • you will learn how special you are as a couple, and you will fall in love more than ever with your own love story and project of family.
  • your families and friends will enjoy the most romantic and intense ritual they ever attended to.

I choose carefully my customers, because I love to bound with them. I prefer couples with an amazing love story, good taste for beauty and a great personality.

Please note also, the Cerimonia VIP fees are of course very higher than any other ordinary wedding ceremony service and we often receive requests with 2-3 years in advance.

So I don’t know if I will be available for your wedding day, but if you think you are eligible for a Cerimonia VIP, please contact me. I and my team are happy to answer to all your questions.